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The Pool Vision Contest Winners 2014

Discover the Middle East regional selection winners for 2014:

1) Community pools category:


Realization: Ali UNAL  Belgium


The project is located in a tourist town on the Aegean coast, in Turkey. Thanks to its topography, fauna, flora and its summer-time atmosphere, natural tranquility reigns over the site. The permit authorization request consists in developing around 40 villas (two different types) in this unique location. The pure architectural lines blending natural and modern materials will enhance this place’s beauty. The inspiration behind the architecture ranges from a yacht’s pulpit to the fluttering wing of a butterfly. High and low tides are represented by the upper, cantilevered swimming pool and the indoor swimming pool on the ground floor.

The project has a total of 442 m² of covered areas and 300 m² of terraces with, a garden surrounding the building. The power required for the buildings will be provided by solar panels placed on top of the wings. The Kusadasi villas with their summer-time maritime architecture will soon flutter their wings in the town’s urban fabric and will win over the hearts of its citizens.


2) Private pools category:



Realization: Frédéric FRANCIS


With one main visual axis commencing from the house, flowing through the pool, and trickling on to the breathtaking horizon, this project is a submission to nature’s greatness. Designed to complement impressive existing rock formations that shape a natural amphitheater, the project succumbs to nature’s legacy, with ever growing and evolving plant life and labyrinthine pathways that hide nature’s well-kept secrets. Walking around the pool, one is taken away into mysterious walkways that tempt curiosity and guide the wanderer into groves of oak, cedar, and fruit bearing trees, making for a truly multisensorial, multi-seasonal experience.

This project focused on collaborating with nature, resulting in something that is less of a guided tour and more of discovery at its purest.

The pathways, walkways and promenades hint at undiscovered little islands of pleasure.

Even the pool house is hidden, allowing for an uncluttered field of vision, where nature and everything it has to offer can truly be enjoyed. Here, bliss can be found.


3) Spa category:


Category: SPA

Realization: Frédéric FRANCIS


A series of theme gardens and courtyards create a choice of living spaces on the grounds of this Doha villa. They achieve a fluid continuity which, amplified by the presence of water throughout the landscape, culminates in the glistening waters of the adjoining lagoon.

At the center of it all, facing the lagoon, the main water feature unfolds over three levels.

Sitting at the top, a large, circular Jacuzzi overflows into the swimming pool. From the pool, one can enjoy a unique vantage point of the lagoon.

The impressive rectangle of blue that forms the no-edge pool ends in a cascade collected in a long, narrow channel beneath it. On the same level is a charming, partially shaded Andalusian water channel with an octagonal fountain at the end.

Ahead of the steps which lead to the beach, a reflecting pool mirrors the blue of the swimming pool at one time of day and the clear waters of the lagoon at another.

There is always something new to catch the eye: the delicate stone frame of a fountain spout, the mysteries of the secret garden or some other delight waiting to be discovered.